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Sable Wyvern
• 6/11/2016

Polyversal Wiki Page created!

I'm Byron, owner of Collins Epic Wargames. I want to welcome you to our new Wiki Site for Polyversal. If you're here from the Kickstarter, or are just interested in what we're doing, please sound off and introduce yourself! Ken and I really look forward to seeing where you help us take this game. Facilitating creation of and sharing fan-generated content has been a big goal for Polyversal since Day 1.

So, welcome to Day 1 of executing that vision.

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Sable Wyvern
• 6/15/2016

I is here. Former Space Marine (1st and 2nd Ed) player from many, many years ago, looking forward to starting some 6mm sci-fi gaming again. I've got five or so friends lined up, who are all willing to play a game or two a year, so I should have enough opponents to get a battle in most months of the year.

• 6/27/2016

So delighted that polyversal will be up and running soon. I've got a couple of 6mm armies from another game, so, with the two armies I'll be getting from my Polyversal pledge, I ought to have a good many options.

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