Combatant Design Overview Edit

Players can create their own Combatant Tiles for use with Polyversal to represent ANY miniature out there in the general scale of 6mm-15mm. Creating Combatant Tiles is fully defined in the rules of the game and is an easy step-by-step process. Once released, Collins Epic Wargames will provide Combatant Tile Design Templates for general use. Here are a few features of Combatant Tile Design:

  • Included Design Rules for Polyversal and templates can handle creation of Combatant Tiles for any vehicle, walker, aircraft, or infantry unit you can imagine in a simple step-by-step process. 
  • A points-based system balances all of the options. Create variants with different targeting systems, special abilities, special armor, various weaponry, etc. 
  • Upload a photo of your miniature as the artwork of the tile. Note that official Polyversal tiles in boxed sets and expansions have professional commissioned artwork by Bruno Werneck (Tron: Legacy, Thor, Titanfall).