Combatant Tiles Overview Edit

Combatant Tiles are 3" hexagonal tiles that include information on each Combatant, or fighting unit, in the game. The tiles are hexagonal in order to form a visual command structures called Battlegroups. The boxed set of Polyversal and expansions include "official" tiles for miniatures we include from our partners and feature commissioned artwork by concept artist Bruno Werneck (Tron: Legacy, Thor, Titanfall).

Detailed Tile Explanation Edit

Final Encegon A Detailed

Typical Combatant Tile Detailed. Encegon tank from Plasmablast Games. Artwork by Bruno Werneck. Copyright 2016 Collins Epic Wargames. Used with permission.

The image of this Encegon tank from Plasmablast Games shows a typical Combatant Tile and identifies each statistic used during gameplay.

Where a die type (DT) value is provided, the statistic is color-coded corresponding with the color of that die type. In addition, for those who are colorblind, the numbers represent the die type as well.