Polyversal Short Stories Edit

This page is dedicated to collecting Short Stories written by fans and players to support Polyversal gameplay, including scenarios and campaigns. If you have a campaign setting you'd like to share with others, please feel free to upload the details of it here, including links to any scenarios or fiction supporting it. Please review the guidelines below.

Guidelines: Edit

  • Create anything you wish, but please do not use other's copyrighted information without permission.
  • Create a separate Wiki page for supporting fiction and supporting scenarios, as necessary.
  • Link supporting Combatant Tile Designs you have created on the Wiki for others to download.
  • Add a link here to keep things organized at the top level.

Battlegroup Prowler Edit

A collection of stories following the action of Battlegroup Prowler, an OPFOR force based in the former United States, circa 2130. Original contributions by Maurice Fitzgerald.

First Contact - Part One

First Contact - Part Two